Muslim Friendly Travel Market Prospects in a Post-COVID 19 world

20 Aug 2020

17:00 to 18:00 GMT+04:00

The COVD-19 crisis has brought the travel industry to a standstill, with UNWTO predicting a loss of up to 1.2 trillion in tourism revenues. As destinations begin to open their borders and as we look ahead beyond the crisis, there are more questions than answers: what are the implications of this reset on Muslim-friendly travel? Is there a silver lining in this crisis? Are there opportunities to be captured? What is the fate of sustainable tourism? What is the future of hajj and umrah in a world tainted by the threat of future pandemics? Outline: 1. Opportunities for travel technology post COVID-19 crisis 2. Sustainable tourism as a priority post COVID-19 3. Destination recovery plans and implications for Halal travel 4. Hajj & Umrah challenges in a post pandemic world and potential solutions