Photo: Heavy rain over the Grand Mosque in Mecca as pilgrims perform the tawaf on August 12, 2019. Photo supplied by the Saudi Ministry of Media

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2.48 mln haj pilgrims this year, up 4.6 pct from 2018, as rains hit Mecca

More than 2.48 million pilgrims performed the haj this year compared to 2.37 million in 2018, as rains lashed down in Mecca.

2,489,406 international and domestic pilgrims performed the haj this year, tweeted the ministry for hajj and umrah.

إجمالي أعداد الحجاج بموسم #حج_1440 هـ:
2.489.406 حجاج
حجاج الخارج: 1.855.027 حاجا
حجاج الداخل: 634.379 حاجا
الحجاج الذكور: 1.385.234 حاجا
الحجاج الإناث: 1.104.172 حاجة#العالم_في_قلب_المملكة??
?#حج_1440? ?

— وزارة الحج والعمرة (@HajMinistry) August 10, 2019

More males than females went on the pilgrimage this year, 1,385,234 versus 1,104,172. Male haj pilgrims have consistently outnumbered females.

The number of pilgrims from abroad reached 1,855,027, an increase of 5.48 per cent from last year.

1,157,919 international and domestic pilgrims came from non-Arab Asian countries, followed by 475,831 pilgrims from Arab countries outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, said the ministry of media on Tuesday citing data from the General Authority for Statistics.

190,764 pilgrims were from non-Arab African countries, followed by 67,932  from Europe, 33,705 from GCC countries and 27,690 from North and South America and Australia.

Pilgrims performed their haj rituals amid heavy rain in Mecca.

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection said Arafat received a total of 31 millimeters of rain on Monday, with the Grand Mosque in Mecca receiving 26 mm and Mina 12 mm.

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