AUS-Shams Media Day: Empowering youth to illuminate climate change through media

Sharjah, UAE – American University of Sharjah (AUS) has just announced a new competition that challenges youth to address the important issue of climate change through their creative media projects.  

The competition is part of the AUS-Shams Media Day on November 8, organized by Sharjah Media City and the AUS Department of Media Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Art and Design in the College of Architecture, Art and Design, in partnership with National Network Communications (NNC), who acts as the Awards Sponsor.  


Under the theme of "Immediacy," the competition encourages UAE-based high school and university students to present creative works that echo the urgency of addressing climate change issues. This call for submissions is particularly timely as the UAE gears up to host COP28. Apart from the honor of having their work showcased, winners stand to gain major cash prizes and opportunities to further disseminate their projects through different media channels.

His Excellency Dr. Khalid Omar Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Media City (Shams), said: ’’We at Shams recognize the paramount importance of empowering youth to harness the potential of media in tackling the pressing issue of climate change. Fostering creativity and awareness among our young minds is imperative to drive substantial change. This competition is a testament to our commitment to advancing media initiatives that align with our mission and contribute to the UAE's dedication to addressing climate challenges. We eagerly anticipate the emergence of impactful projects resulting from the collaborative efforts between AUS and Shams."

Reflecting on the competition's potential impact, Dr. Sohail Dahdal, Head of the Department of Media Communication at AUS, said: "Our youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the changemakers of today. This event is a testament to the power of the media in shaping narratives, and we are eager to witness how these young minds use their creativity to address and highlight the imminent challenges of climate change."

Entries should be original media creations and must have been produced on or after November 8, 2022. Entries with unlicensed materials will not be accepted. Those keen on participating should submit their projects through submission form no later than October 28, 2023.

To ensure clarity and foster deeper engagement, AUS will hold a virtual information session about the competition on October 10, 2023, at 1:00 p.m., which can be accessed via the competition website

Yousef Al Taweel, Founder and CEO of NNC, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating: "At NNC, we believe in the transformative power of communication. Our sponsorship of the AUS-Shams Media Day competition aligns with our commitment to nurturing the next generation of communicators and addressing pressing global issues. We believe in the potential of the youth and the caliber of AUS students, and we look forward to seeing the innovative and pioneering approaches they will bring to the forefront in addressing climate change.”

AUS stands firm in its resolve to amplify the UAE's green initiatives through impactful programs and faculty involvement. Recognized for its commitment, AUS is a valued member of the Universities Climate Network, uniting UAE-based institutions to foster dialogues, workshops, public events and youth involvement in preparation for COP28. AUS' commitment to reducing carbon emissions is demonstrated through its pioneering Climate Action Plan, which aligns with the UAE's Net Zero by 2050 strategic vision. AUS' unwavering support extends to being a key participant in the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA), a domestic coalition orchestrated by Emirates Nature-WWF. This alliance assumes a prominent role as the flagship non-state actor program in the run-up to COP28, championing accelerated progress towards achieving net zero targets aligning with scientific principles and the Paris Agreement.

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