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Bringing Gaming into Islamic Learning

A future of Islamic learning that is fun and design-driven is now here with an internationally loved range of games by 5Pillars.

5Pillars is a popular and forward-thinking Islamic trivia game loved by thousands of families globally. Following their successful launch edition which sold over 150,000 copies, they have expanded their range with four new games released in the UK, Indonesia, and France.

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The game has succeeded in the context of a flourishing global Islamic economy, valued at over $2 trillion in 2016, as reported by Thomson Reuters. Companies like Zileej (the creators of 5Pillars) are delivering brand experiences for a new generation of sophisticated Muslim consumers.

"Behind the success of 5Pillars is our design-driven approach to creating a unique gameplay experience that captures the whole family and brings out some friendly competition,” shares Peter Gould, an award-winning designer and the Design Executive Officer of Zileej. 

While traditional approaches often overlook the potential for Islamic trivia to bring the family together in a fun way, 5Pillars have brought together the best of boardgame-appeal and verified Islamic knowledge to delight and connect a community of 50,000 — which continues to grow.


Collage created from photos provided by Zileej.

Beyond teaching Islamic knowledge, 5Pillars is combatting the modern affliction of human disconnection through increased screen time. “Homes have become screen-time heavy leading to less quality, face-to-face time spent with family,” shared Ansarullah Ridwan Mohammed, the founder & CEO of Zileej. “We see our games helping to overcome this by giving families an alternative to screen-time that breaks the conversational ice and allows happy new memories to be made."

With growing popularity, 5Pillars has been released in French, Indonesian, and Arabic; with translations into more languages currently underway. 5Pillars has been well-received in Indonesia with the screening of 150+ episodes of the 5Pillars TV gameshow, and plans for more. It has also captured the Muslim audience in the UK with a season of 30 trivia shows aired in June 2018. 

Available online at, the 5Pillars full range has nine variations. These include the Junior edition, the classic 5Pillars game for 6+ year olds; FunBox, with fun activities such as drawing, acting, and more; and Trivia Burst, for 5Pillars trivia on the go.



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