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Council of Modest Fashion (COMF): Modest Fashion Shows & Selection of the 100 Best Brands in the world

The Council of Modest Fashion or better known as COMF is a world Modest Fashion organization led by Modest Fashion specialist Franka Soeria in 2018.

COMF, whose members consist of Modest Fashion brands/designers, entrepreneurs and modest fashion activists, has branch offices in 8 regions/countries, namely Asia, Europe, Russia & CIS, Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Azerbaijan and Qatar.

COMF was founded with the aim of uniting modest fashion activists on a global scale, creating cooperation between countries and also as a "guardian" of the Modest Fashion industry.

The COMF leaders of each region have their own influence and achievements. Each COMF area holds various modest fashion activities from talk shows, bazaars/trade shows to fashion shows.

"COMF is a global alliance of the modest fashion industry," said Franka, "There are many Modest Fashion players worldwide, and each region has its own challenges and opportunities. Because of that, the approach taken is different from one region to another," told Franka who is known as a Modest Fashion initiator and has held Modest Fashion events in more than 15 countries.

As an organization, COMF has supported dozens of Modest Fashion events around the world and also holds its own major events, all dedicated to the Modest Fashion industry.

Previously, COMF together with #Markamarie had organized the event Together(e): International Virtual Modest Fashion Summit in 2021 and Modest Fashion Day in Kazan, Russia in 2022 (together with Modest Russia and Invest Tatarstan).

This year, COMF together with Modest Russia held a Modest Fashion show at Seasons Fashion Week and presented 5 Modest Fashion brands; ARAIDA, Hatsibana, Jannat, Milana Plieva and 1964 Clothes.

This event, which was held on November 23-26 at the Four Seasons Hotel- Moscow, Russia, presented a diverse collection from abaya, office wear, evening & couture wear to modest wear. The event, which was attended by celebrities, media and professionals in the fashion industry, managed to amaze the visitors and became trending on Russian social media with millions of views.

“Modest fashion is not a new comer for Russia. Modesty  and chastity in clothing is an integral part of the Russian cultural code and traditions. There are big regions where up to 95% of the population choose to dress modestly. Now it is dictated not even by tradition, but by personal decision. The designs that we presented in this event are not only to preserve certain spiritual values ​​and culture historically inherent to the majority of the peoples of Russia, but also to fit them into modern fashion,” told Dilyara Sadrieva, COMF Regional Director for Russia & CIS. 

Meanwhile, previously COMF Europe (led by Meriem Lebdiri) successively supported sustainable fashion event Greendayz in Germany and COMF Qatar (led by Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed) supported the promotion of the work of Bangladeshi designers in Qatar through the Enchanting Fabrics Uniting Cultures held in Doha, Qatar.

“When we all move together at the same time, the accelerated growth of Modest Fashion will run faster. Modest Fashion is a new fashion segment that needs to be introduced in various ways..." explained Franka, who is also known as the co-founder of #Markamarie.

One of the main upcoming COMF projects at the moment is the Modest Fashion 100 program. This is a selection of the 100 best Modest Fashion brands throughout the world.

Later, this list of the best brands will be released every year and introduced to the world through the COMF international network. Currently, hundreds of brands have registered from various countries.

“Brands can register their brands to be included in the Modest Fashion 100 list and enter the global Modest Fashion ecosystem. This way we will be more connected and recognize the potential of different countries," he said.

Franka hopes that all activities of the Council of Modest Fashion, including the Modest Fashion 100, can help accelerate the sustainable growth of the Modest Fashion industry.

To register your brand for the Modest Fashion 100 program, visit

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