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Dubai eases coronavirus movement restrictions in time for Ramadan

Dubai authorities eased movement restrictions in the emirate starting Friday (Apr 24), the first day of Ramadan.

Public transport, restaurants and cafes, the retail sector, including malls, the wholesale sector and maintenance shops will be allowed to operate under certain conditions, state news agency WAM reported on Friday.

Hotels will be allowed to operate without opening pools, gyms, saunas and massage parlours.

A maximum of 30% of the workforce of all organisations will be allowed to work from their offices while the rest continue to work from home.

However, family entertainment facilities, cinemas, changing rooms and prayer rooms will remain closed, and the public is still not allowed to hold public or private gatherings.

People will be able to leave their homes between 6am and 10pm without first seeking permits from the authorities, and they are also allowed to exercise outside their homes provided they do not leave their area of residence. Activities such as walking, running or cycling are permitted for 1-2 hours each time and only up to three persons can exercise at the same time. Social distancing must still be practiced, as is the wearing of face masks once outside homes.

Mosques are still shuttered and congregational prayers are still banned in public places. Congregational prayers and taraweeh are allowed at home but only with family members living in the same residence.

The easing of movement restrictions come with a list of conditions and criteria.

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