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Favoriot launched donation campaign to help Haj pilgrims with a smart wearable hardware and app

Issues and Challenges Faced by the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Many who have performed their pilgrimage either Hajj and Umrah will understand the difficulty when thousands or millions of people converge into one place. The challenges faced by the Authorities to manage the well-being of their own pilgrims either for health or safety.
Many are gone missing or will encounter lost a sense of direction when staying in a new place. A big mosque like Masjidilharam with many doors to enter and exit can be a nightmare to many old people or people who rarely travel from their hometown.

During the peak period of Hajj when pilgrims travel to Arafat, Mudzalifah, and Mina whereby the men can only wear a white robe, the best and safest way to carry any communication device safely is by wearing only a “watch” rather than a smartphone. Health and security factor is the main concern in a packed area for a couple of days.

FAVORIOT has developed a solution that can help both the Haj/Umrah Travel Agencies or Authorities to monitor and care for the well-being of their pilgrims. The solution comprised of smart wearable hardware (Raqib) and the software (mobile and desktop application to monitor the pilgrims). Below are the following benefits:

1. The ability to monitor the pilgrim whereabouts

2. Monitor their health condition (Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate and Activity)

3. Communicate with the Mutawif* directly (or any pre-assigned contact phone numbers) in cases of emergencies or call to the pilgrims. (*Note: Only with Favoriot’s Travel Agencies approved partner)

We launch this campaign to help a certain number of deserving pilgrims that will perform their Hajj pilgrimage this year. If they are performing Hajj either alone or elderly couples that need help to monitor their health, we will be able to offer Raqib services to them. Thus, we are reaching out to all of you hoping that you can donate to this particular cause in ensuring their safety and also providing a peace of mind to the family members back home. Furthermore, they can continue to use this service back home when they return from Mecca.

The public can now make Donation and Buy as Gifts at our RAQIB – Your Hajj Companion in LaunchGood NOW!