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Halal Industry

Halal industry roundup: Pakistani food manufacturer to set up UAE subsidiary

Here's a roundup of key developments across the halal industry ecosystem during the month of July. 


Editor's note: Have you ever thought of venturing out to the Antarctic? If yes, what held you back? Halal food unavailaibility? Well, not anymore. Muslim travellers will now be able to relish a complete cruising experience at the last continent. So travel away. 


Meanwhile, a Pakistan food manufacturing is looking set up shop here in the UAE. 




Company News


First-ever halal-certified cruise launches in Antarctica

For the first time in Antarctic history, Muslim travellers who require a halal-certified kitchen will be able to enjoy a complete Antarctic expedition cruising experience.


Starting January 2026, the 10-day Halal Cruise - South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula will offer Muslim travellers a chance to visit the last continent aboard the purpose-built ice-class vessel. (Travel Weekly Asia)


Pakistan / UAE

Food manufacturer announces setting up UAE subsidiary

Ismail Industries Limited, a Pakistani food manufacturer and exporter, announced plans to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Abu Dhabi.


The new venture will manufacture, market, sell, and distribute various food products, including biscuits and confectionery.


This expansion follows regulatory approval and was disclosed in a bourse filing. (Halal Focus)


India / Egypt

Egypt’s IS EG Halal starts operations in India through local office

IS EG Halal, a government-authorized entity for certifying halal exports to Egypt, announced the commencement of its certification operations in India, aiming to expand trade between the two countries.


Indian meat exporters have the potential to increase their market share in Egypt from 75-80% to 100%, according to Weal Mohamed Awad Hamed, Egypt's ambassador to India.


Speaking at a New Delhi event, Hamed expressed Egypt's support for this growth. (Nuf Foods Spectrum)




European Court of Human Rights Upholds Belgium’s halal slaughter ban

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) issued a final ruling on Tuesday, rejecting the appeal against Belgium's ban on halal slaughter.


Filed by Islamic and Jewish organizations, the appeal argued that the ban infringes on religious freedom. However, the court found no grounds to review the ban.


According to Belgian animal rights organization, GAIA, the ECHR's decision on February 13 was upheld, confirming that the ban on halal and kosher slaughter does not violate religious freedom. (Morocco World News)


Trade Developments


China keen to collaborate with Malaysia in halal sector

China is keen to collaborate with Malaysia in the halal industry, including certification, services, and products, according to Mohamad Alamin, Malaysia's deputy minister for foreign affairs. 


Chinese premier Li Qiang conveyed this interest during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on his recent official visit to China. (The Star)





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