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Halal industry wrap: Peru aims to become halal food exporter

Here's a roundup of key developments across the halal industry ecosystem during the first three weeks of March

Editor's note: Good news for South American Muslims - Peru, home to epic landmarks, is now keen to become a halal food exporter. As is Vietnam, as it looks set to launch the export of halal meat to Muslim-majority markets. 

Meanwhile, delivery app Zouq is looking to capture the Philippines market handsomely, by delivering halal food to Muslim Filipinos. 


Trade Development

Peru / Malaysia

Peru to leverage Malaysian halal certification for food exports

Peru targets becoming a halal food exporter following its halal certification from Malaysia.


Vice foreign trade minister Teresa Stella Mera Gomez reveals ongoing discussions with Malaysian authorities to leverage their expertise.


A memorandum of understanding is anticipated in the coming months to enhance Peru's agricultural industry amid efforts to reduce reliance on mining. (The Sun)



D-8 CCI seeks more stake in global halal market

The D-8 Chambers of Commerce and Industry (D-8 CCI) unveils a five-year strategic plan to boost its presence in the global halal economy by 2029.


The members of the D-8 CCI are national chambers of commerce and industries of eight countries of D-8. These include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. 


The D-8 CCI president highlighted the importance of standardization and the potential for countries like Bangladesh to contribute.


The roadmap was discussed during the organization's third general assembly, with Turkey and Malaysia currently leading in halal economy contributions among D-8 nations. (The Business Standard)



Vietnam set to export halal meat to Muslim-majority nations

Vietnam is set to launch the export of chicken meat products to Muslim-majority markets, targeting around 1,000 tonnes per month.


The country's deputy minister of agriculture and rural development Phùng Duc Tien announced plans for a conference in May for the same. 


With a population of approximately 2.2 billion people, Muslim countries present significant opportunities for Vietnamese agricultural products. (Halal Focus)



Company News


Delivery app delivers halal food to Muslim consumers

Zouq, a halal food delivery app, is revolutionizing the halal dining experience for Muslim Filipinos and health-conscious consumers.


Unveiled by the NCMF-NCR in Quezon City, Zouq is set to bridge the gap between consumers and halal cuisine. (PIA GOV)




Development board discusses halal product certification
The Business Startups and Incubation Development Board (BPBRIN) organized a workshop on the importance of halal product certification this month. 


The workshop aimed to educate stakeholders in startup businesses about mandatory halal certification to be implemented in October 2024, as per Law No. 2 of 2022. (UNAIR)


Saudi Arabia

Saudi authority leads delegation on food safety
Hisham Saad Aljadhey, CEO of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), led the Saudi delegation at the GCC's eighth annual ministerial meeting on food safety in Doha, Qatar.


The meeting focused on the achievements of GCC cooperation in food safety, including the approval and adoption of unified regulations and laws, such as the Rapid Alarm System for Food and Feed (GCC-RASFF). (Saudi Press Agency)





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