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Have you started preparing for Ramadan?

It may not be too early to start preparing for Ramadan.

With the holy month likely to start early in June, new research from Facebook shares interesting insights on how residents of the UAE are getting ready for it.

It may not be surprising to learn that brands and businesses in the region have already geared up to promote products and leverage consumers’ shopping sprees during Ramadan.

Here’s what the Facebook research says:

• 47 per cent of residents surveyed in the UAE agree that they begin to plan their cooking options in the month before Ramadan.

• 65 per cent of people agree that users log on to Facebook to showcase their fashion styles during Ramadan.

• 83 per cent of people surveyed in the UAE say that they access the Internet through a smartphone during Ramadan.

• During Ramadan, people are most often found on their smartphone, posting and sharing images and videos that capture their experience.

• The first week of Eid is all about a shopping spree. People are looking for last-minute travel, technology and shopping deals.

• 53 per cent of people surveyed in the UAE say they arrange Eid hotel getaways either on or after the first day of Eid.

• 60 per cent of people in UAE say they rely on Facebook for gift ideas.



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