Jakarta's Thamrin City Trade Mall has a BPJPH pop-up (Harismoyo/Shutterstock).

Halal Industry

Indonesian Retail Merchants’ Association and BPJPH launch halal centre in modern retail stores

Move aims to boost halal industry across the country, in addition to launching Haliv, a halal scanner app.


Jakarta: Indonesian Retail Merchants’ Association Aprindo, in collaboration with the halal product assurance body BPJPH, has launched a halal centre in the modern retail market to boost halal industry within the country.

Roy Mandey, Chairman of Aprindo, told Salaam Gateway the centre was an incubator for small, medium and microenterprises (SMMEs) and would facilitate their entry into modern retail stores or even the global market. BPJPH would have a dedicated pop-up booth at the stores to provide information regarding halal certification and on-site halal certification registration.

“There is a 2,000m2 halal centre in the Jakarta-based Thamrin City Trade Mall equipped with the BPJPH pop-up. There will be more halal centres across our store chains later,” Mandey said.

The association has 47,000 stores from 200 brands or companies including Hypermart, Superindo, Ramayana, Indomaret and Alfamart. The stores consist of five types depending on size: mini market, supermarket, hypermarket, department store and wholesaler. The association could accelerate the halal industry, especially for SMMEs.

“Every day our stores receive SMME products and we help them sell to customers. People will look after and consume halal products at modern retail, so there are opportunities in accelerating halal products from SMMEs,” Mandey added.

Halal centres in modern retail stores are also expected to boost BPJPH’s target of issuing around 10 million products with a free halal certificate through the self-declared scheme. This would be especially relevant for food and beverage producers like coffee, chiffon, cake, bread, meat and chicken/fish processed food.

In addition to a pop-up, BPJPH has launched Haliv, a halal scanner app to make it easier for customers to track whether or not a product is halal. The app provides complete data about the halal certificate number, manufacturers, ingredients and other related information.

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