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Islamic Relief UK launches emergency coronavirus appeal and gives £500,000 to support the country’s most vulnerable people

20 March 2020 - Islamic Relief UK has launched an emergency appeal to support the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak through local charity partners. It is immediately making £500,000 available to support these organisations.

The first partner charity that will benefit from the appeal is Sufra, a foodbank and community hub in the London borough of Brent and an existing local partner for Islamic Relief UK.

Islamic Relief UK is in discussion with a range of other partner organisations across the country. The aid charity is carrying out critical needs assessments, ensuring that the most vulnerable people remain its priority.

Islamic Relief UK is also supporting the Muslim Council of Britain’s recommendation to follow government advice on social distancing – which includes avoiding going to the mosque to prevent the spread of the virus.

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK, said: ‘As a faith-inspired development and humanitarian agency, Islamic Relief works to transform and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in over 40 countries. We also support vulnerable people here in the UK.

‘The COVID19 outbreak is a global pandemic and this country is at high risk. Latest figures show 167 people have now died from the virus in the UK alone. More than 3,200 people have now tested positive for the coronavirus, but without access to tests for most people, the government has said that as many as 55,000 people could be infected.*

‘As well as directly impacting people’s health, this outbreak is set to cause an economic fallout that this country hasn’t seen in decades, and it is the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities who will bear the brunt of it.

‘As humanitarians inspired by our faith we are determined to help out. We are carrying out needs assessments and scoping out local partners in the UK to support. I am delighted that we are supporting Sufra, the food bank and community hub in Brent, Northwest London which provides meals to more than 100,000 families in need every year.’

‘May God protect all from this virus, may He bless those that are ill with a speedy and full recovery and may He protect those that are suffering hardship as a result of this pandemic, Ameen.’

Rajesh Makwana, Director of Sufra, said: ‘The families we help can’t afford to hoard food; they’re knocking on our door in search of basic supplies. But this is just the tip of the iceberg - the UK is on the brink of a major recession, which means fewer donations alongside an acute rise in demand for emergency food aid.

‘This is a toxic environment for an independent food bank like Sufra but we are extremely grateful for funding support from Islamic Relief UK. As an organisation working on the frontline, we are determined to continue supporting the most vulnerable for the duration of this crisis – we will do whatever it takes.’

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