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JBS launches new products at Gulfood 2020

SÃO PAULO, Feb. 15, 2020 -- This week, JBS is  attending Gulfood 2020, the largest annual food and beverage fair in the world, which is being held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) between February 16 and 20. During the event, which expects to attract over 5 thousand exhibitors from nearly 200 countries, Seara plans to launch the Incredible Range, offering a complete range of 100% plant-based products. Farms Friboi, a brand offering beef cuts with less fat and focused on healthfulness, will also be introduced at the fair. The company's 300 square meter booth will also showcase products from Bordon, Novaprom and other brands from JBS operations in the USA and Australia. 

Recently introduced in Brazil, Seara's Incredible Range offers plant-based products that contain zero trans-fat and are enriched with iron and vitamin B12, providing fiber-rich, lactose, egg and milk-free foods. The Company also plans to unveil Biomolecule i, an innovative product that gives five new products flavors and textures similar to their traditional counterparts: burgers (chicken and beef), breaded products, kibbeh and oriental meat.

Seara, Brazil's first major food company to offer a complete range of plant-based products, will also showcase the Seara Gourmet Incredible Burger - a vegetable burger made with soy, beets, garlic and onions offering the same taste as traditional burgers - and the Seara Professional range - exclusively developed for the Middle East food service market. It includes are various food service products offering customized portions that cater to specific preferences: Breaded (breaded chicken breasts and fillets), Raw & Natural (chicken breast), Burger (beef and chicken burgers), Marinated (marinated breast) and Ingredients (shredded cooked chicken and shredded beef), among other solutions. 

Friboi, Brazil's biggest beef exporter, plans to introduce its new Farms Friboi line, offering beef products from free-range animals raised on farms from Mato Grosso do Sul. The resulting cuts that focus on healthfulness and have a lower fat content, which also helps reduce cholesterol levels; which are important for a healthy heart ; and contain high volumes of antioxidants, which help prevent disease, reduce the effects of ageing and provide a number of other benefits.

Bordon will also be at Gulfood to introduce two new flavors of corned beef: Spicy and Onion, as well as Chunky (pieces of shredded meat). These versions were specifically developed for the Middle East where there is a large consumer base for this type of product. The brand also plans to promote its ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat ranges, including hot dogs and luncheon meats. After posting 50% growth in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) last year, the company's goal is to expand the brand's influence even further.

EXETER, another Friboi Prepared Foods brand that has been serving the African market for over 50 years, has introduced a new layout with modern, easy to read labels and broadened its portfolio, which now includes Frankfurter sausages (a regional favorite), Brazilian beans, luncheon meat and hamburgers.

The Novapro Animal Proteins range is Novaprom's latest foray into the food industry. The high-functionality collagen comes in fiber or powder format and improves the texture, succulence and stability of processed foods. Novapro Animal Proteins is especially recommended for processed products, burgers, natural meats and other meat-based products. The allergen and gluten-free range is also ideal for the baking industry. During Gulfood, Novaprom will also introduce Novapro FS, a range of additive and ingredient solutions that can be tailored to specific market requirements. 

Innovation Awards

The Company's booth will also be hosting the JBS Innovation Display, with two dedicated areas showcasing its most innovative products. Seara's innovations have already been selected as finalists for the fair's most innovative products in the Gulfood Innovation Awards in the following categories:





Most Innovative Frozen or Chilled Product

Incredible Seara (100% Plant-based): Breaded and Kibbeh


Most Innovative Beef or Chicken Product

Seara Professional Meat and Poultry product range for Foodservice


Best New Product Development

Seara Gourmet Incredible Meatless Burger (100% Plant-based)

See more: https://www.gulfood.com/show-features/innovation-awards

A number of Seara products were also voted as the most innovative during last year's fair, including Seara's 100% Natural range developed exclusively for the Middle East.

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