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Layla Asgar’s new video challenges misconceptions in Khaleeji style

Qatar-based beauty and fashion blogger, Layla Asgar Al Siyabi, has released a video to portray the beauty and makeup trends of Khaleeji women in the region. 

In the video, Layla, portrays six different make up styles representing women from each Gulf state.  

In an interview with MySalaam, she said: “Through this video I was trying to empower Muslim and Khaleeji women. I wanted to showcase the beauty standards of the women in our region. The feedback has been very good. People in general were surprised to see that there is a difference in style for women in the various Gulf countries.” 

Layla hopes that her video will help to dispel misconceptions that Khaleeji women are submissive and oppressed. 

“To be a Muslim woman in social media right now is very empowering,” she said. 

This year the Qatari designer would like to see her more active in blogging and leverage on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram to showcase her works. 

“Modest fashion industry is vast and increasingly growing. There is heavy competition as established mainstream brands and startups are eyeing the sector. Besides being innovative in marketing your products, the key is to make your brand visible and that is where social media platforms can come to your help,” she said. 

Layla, whose works are known for the exceptional choice of fabrics, rich textures, handpicked materials, has plans to expand her brand to include handbags and cosmetics.


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