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Leisure, tourism travel still not permitted from UAE

The United Arab Emirates National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority on Wednesday (Jul 1) said UAE citizens and residents are still not allowed to travel for leisure and tourism. 

"All countries are still evaluating health guidelines. UAE authorities are continuously evaluating procedures in cooperation with international airlines to determine if travel access is allowed," said Dr. Said Al Dhaheri, NCEMA official spokesperson. 

Travel will only be permitted for purposes of study, medical treatment, diplomatic missions, and official business of government. Business travel is permitted for those in the commercial and economic sectors and UAE residents who wish to travel to their home countries, said the NCEMA. 

"The travel requirements are indicative at the national level, and additional procedures and requirements will be announced by the local authorities," said Dr. Al Dhaheri.

Dubai announced on June 21 it would begin allowing tourists in from July 7. 

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