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Muslim awareness on the rise: How big is the halal pharmaceuticals industry?

Muslim awareness on the rise: How big is the halal pharmaceuticals industry?

Muslims spent $92 billion in 2018 on pharmaceuticals, from $87 billion the previous year, according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2019/20 report.

With Muslim awareness of the need for halal pharmaceuticals on the rise, the industry is projected to grow to $134 billion by 2024, said the report from DinarStandard. 

This increasing awareness among Muslims has developed alongside  a broader global healthcare trend towards personal choice: patients should be well-informed, and able to choose treatments in line with their beliefs and ethics.

Indeed, it is the lack of a halal alternative that has driven the anti-inoculation phenomenon in many Muslim-majority countries, with parents concerned that vaccines contain porcine gelatin.

This has prompted the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to form a special working group to create halal vaccines and medicines.

The development of halal pharmaceuticals therefore serves a broader social impact, especially as rates of communicable diseases are higher in OIC countries than in non-OIC developing countries.

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The State of the Global Islamic Economy is published annually since 2013.

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