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Muslims demand full halal supply chain transparency, survey reveals

Muslims' desire for transparency across the halal industry goes beyond end-products and extends to the entire halal supply chain, a new survey has revealed. 

Findings of the survey conducted by H2R Insights & Trends and unveiled at the Global Halal Brazil Business Forum (GHB), have sparked calls for the industry to embrace a new vision termed 'Halal 2.0'.

Commissioned by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) and certifier FAMBRAS Halal, the study delved into the future of halal market and traceability, collecting responses of 1,023 Muslim consumers in eight countries, including South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. 

All respondents were over 18 years old, comprising 60% men and 40% women.

Alessandra Frisso, H2R's commercial director, suggested a new vision for the halal industry, one that goes ‘beyond products to include services and the whole ecosystem.’

Frisso highlighted the disconnect between Muslim consumers’ desire in terms of transparency and what they currently find on supermarket shelves. 

"We have here a whole supply chain that needs to track more information in order to build trust among these consumers and society as a whole."

The survey also shed light on which participants in the halal supply chain are more trusted by consumers. 

Farmers, for instance, enjoy a higher trust indicator than industries, as Muslims believe they produce more natural products. Additionally, air transport was rated higher in trust compared to rail, road, and sea transport, which are less known to consumers.

The survey's results are significant for the halal industry, suggesting a growing demand for enhanced transparency in the supply chain, which could provide new opportunities for companies, regulatory agencies, and certifiers to bridge the gap between consumer expectations and the current state of the market.

The Global Halal Brazil Business Forum (GHB), organized by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), concluded on October 24. 

The event convened representatives from business, government, and religious communities to explore the expanding halal trade market. 


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