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New firm to oil wheels for Brazilian exports across MENA

The launch of a new UAE-based company was announced in São Paulo, Brazil last Thursday, to strengthen stronger business ties between Brazil and the Middle East and North Africa. 

Abu Dhabi-based Brazilian Gate will focus on facilitating trade between Brazil and the Arab League, comprising 22 Arab countries across the MENA region.

The company will import and represent the Brazilian brands of halal-certified beverages, food, cosmetics, and services across MENA. It also aims to streamline the often complex and time-consuming processes, including licenses, certifications, and importation documentation.

The Arab market is a promising destination for Brazilian exports. In 2022, Brazilian exports to the Arab League reached $17.74 billion, up 23.06% on the previous year, according to data unveiled by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. 

The agribusiness sector led the way, comprising 70.87% of the revenues, amounting to $12.57 billion. Leading products included sugar, poultry derivatives, iron ore, corn, soy, and beef derivatives, with major destinations being the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Morocco, Oman, and Qatar.

Ali Hussein El Zoghbi, FAMBRAS vice president, emphasized the importance of adapting products to meet the Arab market's preferences and connecting with local buyers. 

Brazilian Gate also aspires to assist Brazilian companies participate in industry shows and events in the region. 

In addition to the existing food exports, the firm envisions opportunities in the cosmetics sector and halal tourism, enabling Brazilian hotels to cater to Muslim guests.

Brazilian Gate’s CEO Khaled Younes stressed the strategic choice of being based in Abu Dhabi, citing the city's global nature and its proximity to various Arab markets. 

The company has an institutional partnership with the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and FAMBRAS Halal, alongside firms like WLP, law firm Ferraro, Rocha & Novaes, and the International Halal Academy.


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