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NoorVitamins provides free Vitamin C supplements during COVID pandemic

NEW YORK, May 20, 2020 -- Emergency medicine doctor Gamal Mohamed, called on personal contacts at a New York based vitamin company, NoorVitamins, to formulate a Vitamin C supplement due to shortage during COVID pandemic. Noor responds with making the vitamin c and giving away 100,000 doses for free. Follow the link to receive your free supplement.

Responding to a need

Serving on the front line, Dr. Gamal Mohamed, an emergency medicine resident physician at Robert Wood Johnson in in New Jersey, has seen the impact of Covid-19 in one of the hardest hit locations in the country. In addition to caring for patients, he reached out to NoorVitamins, a company where he had a summer internship during his pre-medical education and encouraged them to formulate a vitamin c supplement. "While Vitamin C is not a cure, it can't hurt to do whatever possible to support immune health during this time" said Dr. Mohamed.

There has been a shortage of vitamin c on many pharmacy shelves and even price gouging when looking to buy the product online. "Many patients couldn't get vitamin C and I knew the Noor executive team personally, so I thought to ask them to help" added Dr. Mohamed.

NoorVitamins responded with not only making the Vitamin C supplement, but also giving it away for free.

"We're inspired by Dr. Mohamed and other front-line worker's efforts. He reminded us that we all have a role to play in getting our communities through this momentous time in history. This is our way of doing our part." Said Dr. Issa, President of NoorVitamins.

The vitamin C supplement will be free of charge on www.noorvitamins.com, customers will only pay for shipping if looking to get this product alone.

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