Photo: Mauli Teli and her sister Grishma Teli started Iba.

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She and her sister developed Iba, India’s first halal cosmetics: ‘Persevere, and take one day at a time’ – Mauli Teli, CEO and Director

Women are active drivers of the growth and success of the global Islamic economy. This story is part of the Successful Women in the Islamic Economy series published in the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2020/21 report that you can DOWNLOAD HERE


Mauli Teli and her sister Grishma Teli launched India’s first halal-certified cosmetics brand. They didn’t intentionally set out to do this but their journey to offer products that they believed in led their company Ecotrail, that they founded in 2012, to Iba Halal Care two years later.

“When we started we didn’t know what halal cosmetics was but when we researched it we found out that the concept of halal is rooted in science and it means something that is pure and something which is not harmful to the human being,” said Mauli.

“As we looked deeper, we found that vegan and vegetarian cosmetics go hand-in-hand with halal-certified cosmetics.”

The two sisters went home to India from the United States where Mauli worked in management consulting and Grishma in biotech research to pursue their dream to start a cosmetics and personal care company focused on eco-ethical products.

“As we met the target consumer who would be the user of halal-certified cosmetics, as in the Muslim consumer in India … we realised that they are also, similarly like us, facing a lot of challenges finding the products that would meet their ethical guidelines of being halal.”

Read more of the interview with Mauli in the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2020/21 report that you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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