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Solidarity campaign launched by Muslim charities to cushion the blows of coronavirus lockdown

The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) is leading a collective UK response to the COVID-19 crisis that has been coordinated by several leading Muslim organisations – from charities, mosques and community centres, umbrella organisations and a range of other actors, which is the first of its kind from Muslim charitable groups.

The Campaign for National Solidarity includes an emergency fundraising appeal is being launched to assist in the delivery of a nationwide response to the COVID-19 emergency, in order to serve the vital needs of communities across the UK who have been affected. This includes providing grants for those facing financial strife during this period, as well as supporting local organisations requiring greater resources to provide an effective response. The funds raised will go towards helping families and individuals facing significant financial hardship as well as giving community organisations the help they need to provide essentials to their community.

COVID-19 has caused considerable social and economic disruption and many communities are finding themselves to be in precarious and vulnerable situations financially, emotionally and physically, without access to essential support. Public sector services are overstretched and beyond capacity whilst the list of those requiring support continues to be on the rise.

This collective response aims to pool the resources, skills and expertise of leading British Muslim charities, ensuring we can effectively and efficiently reach and provide support where needed. Through the combined resources and expertise of our incredible volunteers, staff and organisations, we can help to ensure the welfare of hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, in all their diversity, is prioritised.

Fadi Itani, CEO of Muslim Charities Forum said:

“We are facing an unprecedented crisis, and there has never been a more urgent time to work together for the betterment of all those in the UK facing difficulties and increased risk during this emergency. Before this is over, millions of people across the UK are wondering where they will find the money to pay their rent, their bills, and purchase the essentials for themselves and their families.

“Despite announcements by the government there is still a great immediate need amongst the British population. Through working together, we can overcome this current crisis and ensure all communities are supported throughout the coming weeks and months.”

We can make a difference to so many lives when we work together. We call on all those, who are able and willing, to support our efforts to coordinate this collective action through donating to the emergency appeal and join our Campaign for National Solidarity. We can make a difference to so many lives when we work together.

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