Togethere Summit: Royal Experience Istanbul

Modest Fashion is rising as one of the most important fashion sectors nowadays. Cities race to be the hub of modest fashion. There are many events happening in the world- however innovations is always needed. People expect something new and fresh from the industry. 

Last year on 2021, #Markamarie - one of aggregator of Modest Fashion, create Togethere Summit, as a virtual platform to gather modest fashion people worldwide. There were 100 brands joining to celebrate togethereness during difficult times. With more than 60 million reach, the event reach lots of success. 

Now in 2022, after the pandemic (almost) over, #Markamarie decided to make offline version of Togethere Summit with the special edition: The Royal Experience that will be held in 2 cities- Istanbul and Paris. 

The Istanbul event is held on June 14 on Intercontinental Istanbul with 22 brands participating. 

Franka Soeria, co-founder of #Markamarie stated her thoughts about the theme, “We choose Royal Experience as the theme to motivate people after the pandemic. Royal is identic with beautiful things, serene things.. collaborations between brands are beautiful and we wish great and beautiful things will happen in the future- and modest fashion industry will sustain for long years ahead..”

Brands from Indonesia and Turkiye are joining the event and will showcase 6 looks of the collections. The brands are Jawhara Syari, Maisyara, Qnanz, Restu Pratiwi, Sarkis, Qaireena Hijab, PJ by Pipik Juliana, Mustbe Hijab, Mauza, Jawhara, Ready To Wear, Khazzanah x Sahla, Ar Rafi Premium, Aurakay Syari, Elin Merlin, Joza, Kaluna by Ika Rafika, Kayunie Premium, Khanza Maryam, MasnuAsrt Bride by Pinar Pehlivan, Al Tatari and Fidda. 

With the support of Altier Fashion & Beauty Academy, Majorette Ventures, Jawhara Syari, Sumatra Highlands and Council of Modest Fashion- Togethere Summit: The Royal Experience offers new ambience presenting more exclusive touch. 

About choosing the city of Istanbul, Franka adds that  Istanbul is one of important hub of modest fashion, the city that bridging Asia and Europe and has been supplying most of modest fashion products worldwide. Indonesia on the other hand, is also one of biggest modest fashion market with diverse style. 

The event is also broadcasted live via Youtube Togethere Summit. 

This event signs the resilience of modest fashion industry and hopefully will bring new ambience in the scene. Together Summit: Royal Experience will also be held in Paris in upcoming months.

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