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Trace Labs and OneAgrix partner to enable halal traceability on the blockchain

Trace Labs and OneAgrix announced a partnership that will utilise blockchain-enabled solutions for transparency of halal food. OneAgrix, a B2B online marketplace for the sourcing of halal food ingredients and products, will use Trace Labs’ data exchange solutions to tackle halal trust deficit and enable food safety and transparency - bringing tangible benefits to businesses and consumers in the USD 2.5-trillion global halal market.

Beyond being a traditional online marketplace, OneAgrix provides an all-in-one, "Procure-Pay-Ship" solution to its partners. Other than solving challenging cross-border payments and logistics, OneAgrix is the first Halal B2B marketplace to use Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to help solve food fraud and trust deficit in the Halal sector, increasing consumer confidence and providing halal brands with an efficient tool to stand out on the market.

With the Trace Labs solution, Halal stakeholders can exchange data quickly and seamlessly. OneAgrix is one of the first users of nOS, Network Operating System powered by OriginTrail blockchain protocol and developed by Trace Labs.

nOS enables a simple interface allowing organisations globally to start using the benefits of distributed ledger technologies here and now. With blockchain applications from nOS, Halal certification bodies, laboratories and manufacturers have low barrier of entry to use the distributed ledger technology in supply chains.

"This partnership between OneAgrix and Trace Labs is a game-changer, potentially transforming the world of Halal supply chains. With secure and immutable record of transactions and metadata, these will prove crucial to the safety of halal food, underpinning trust with the Muslim consumers and global Halal stakeholders. We are greatly confident of the expertise and professionalism of Trace Labs; being front runners of bringing transparency to the complex international Halal supply chains" said Diana Sabrain, Founder of OneAgrix.

“Trace Labs is building trusted network applications for business communities of the future. Through the Network Operating System (nOS), blockchain-secured data from field to table serves as the basis for certifications, where technology is enabling additional trust. We are happy to welcome OneAgrix to our Food Supply Chain community, elevating traceability and brand protection of halal products by embracing the OriginTrail Decentralised Network (ODN) to exchange crucial data.” said Ziga Drev, Founder of Trace Labs.

Both companies were invited to present their endeavors at the Expert Panel Session at the upcoming Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) in April 2019.

About Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a Hong Kong-based company with a mission to facilitate cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments. It is a core development company of the OriginTrail protocol. Trace Labs is bringing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to concrete business cases through education, consulting, and implementation of value-driven applications.

For more information about Trace Labs, please visit: www.tracelabs.io.