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What do Gen-Z Muslims think about the Islamic economy?

They make up around 32% of the world’s population and the oldest of them are now young adults. Born from the mid-1990s as digital natives, Generation Z, or Gen-Z for short, are starting to make their own life decisions, which will have significant impact on the world’s businesses, the Islamic economy included.

The State of the Global Islamic Economy 2020/21 report speaks to Gen-Z Muslim influencers to learn their perspectives on the different aspects of the Islamic economy, from halal food to Islamic finance to halal pharma.

What do they think?

Melfiana Goldiena Putri, 20, Indonesia: Born and raised in Indonesia, Melfiana understands that not all Muslims have the “privilege” to be born into a country where most people are of the same Islamic faith. She believes that one sector, fashion, should be more inclusive: “I think fashion should be universal and nobody should be excluded.”

Mohammed Turq, 23, from India, finds it a challenge to bank Islamically as there are no Islamic banks in his country. As a Gen-Z who spends time online, he believes it’s important to support the channels and media that produce Islamic content, or content that embrace Islamic values.

Abdulla Bin Kalban, 24, UAE: A keen traveller, Abdulla will seek halal when he’s abroad. “I’d rather travel to places that are halal, that have a lot of halal places. I’d rather do my research before I travel, pin things on the map so I would know where exactly I would go without wasting any time. I use Google Maps, mostly.”

Tamsir Lo & Idy Lo, 25, Senegal: These entrepreneurial brothers have had their own small electronics shop since they were students. While many young Muslims in different countries are turning to e-commerce especially amid the COVID-19, it’s hard in Senegal, say the brothers, because of the lack of online security.

Yasmine Benabderrahmane, 17, UAE: This Algerian-Canadian teenager uses her social media accounts as a platform to voice her opinions and raise awareness of issues she considers pertinent, including feminism and Black Lives Matter. She’s concerned about how Islam contributes to her daily life.

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