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World Halal Authority, International Halal Certification Body with the highest number of international accreditations and recognitions in the world, now landing in the UK

World Halal Authority (WHA) (https://www.wha-halal.org/en/) have opened its doors in England to actively operate its activities in western Europe.

This is a great strength and satisfaction for all SMEs and MNCs that aspire and wish to obtain an authoritative Halal certification that acts as a passport to the world market, and facilitating to export to all countries, without limitations.

This halal market represents a great opportunity for companies to expand their business; halal consumption exceeded $ 2.3 trillion in 2018, of which $ 1.3 trillion were spent in the food and beverage sector only.

Exponential growth in Muslim population along with many other factors, leads companies to get thier products certified to access the halal consumers markets that demand assurance to fundamental halal principles.

Companies often find it challenging to export globally owing to non-recognition of their halal certificates. Many companies face rejections and/or disposals for their consignments at the ports of entry where inappropriate and non-recognised certificates are presented for clearance.

Many countries have different standards and mechanism to validate and verify the authenticity of halal certification from abroad. This fragmented regulatory landscape with the lack of information and transparency, often leads companies to get confused which could jeopardise their ability to access the lucrative markets.

World Halal Authority has succeeded in its ability to bridge this extremely destructive gap for companies and has done so by activating and creating a Halal certification standard that has been validated by accreditation bodies across the globe.

WHA is, by far, one of the most accredited certification bodies in the world, as well as one of the few bodies in Europe that facilitates companies to access the Halal market in countries such as Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE and Saudi Arabia .

The head of the World Halal Authority and one of the most prominent figures of the halal industry, Dr. Elkafrawy, along with his team, has also been the organizer of some of the most important events in the Halal world, including the first annual meeting of the World Halal Food Council held outside Indonesia in over 30 years.

The event, which took place in Rome in 2014, involved over 80 certification bodies and 20 diplomatic representations from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

An affirmation of the ability and competence of the WHA team-work in addition to the high level of WHA certification, we have collaborated with a well-known figure in the Halal world as the Regional Director of our English branch: Eng. Saqib Mohammed.

Eng. Saqib has been working in the halal world for nearly 15 years; he held the position of the CEO at a certification body in the United Kingdom and worked as an executive director in one of the most trusted and reliable consultancy firm in the Gulf region based in the United Arab Emirates.

His knowledge and fame has led him to participate in various national and international conferences (both as a guest and as a speaker), including GIMDES, Gulfood, MUI, HHIC, JAKIM Convention and World Halal Summit.

Saqib Mohammed says: "I am really proud to collaborate with the World Halal Authority" and "It is complex to maximise Muslim consumers ’access to products that they truly deserve to use, but WHA is one of the few organizations in the world that works with heart and soul in this field to achieve these goals. I am sure that by working together, we will be able to change this market for the better tomorrow”.

"This is just the beginning of a great project" says Dr. Elkafrawy, president and CEO of World

Halal Authority, "If 2020 is not a very lucky year for some, I am confident that 2021 will constitute a real revolution in the Halal market, where we are changing the dynamics of companies’ trade and lives of consumers for the better future".

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